1000 Device Untangle® NG Firewall Complete

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Untangle NG Firewall Complete 1000 Devices

The Untangle NG Firewall is an advanced UTM firewall based on a hardened Linux operating system. Untangle next generation firewall technology focuses on ease of use while maintaining maximum security. Untangle NG Firewall has a best in class user interface that is easy to use and understand, even for novice users. Untangle NG Firewall is available in 2 distinct versions, Untangle Free and Untangle Complete. 
All apps included in NG Firewall Free are open source under the GPL v2 and are offered free of charge. Apps are pre-configured for the needs of small business and work together seamlessly. A common GUI with integrated logging and reporting keeps management simple.

Untangle NG Firewall Complete Features

Untangle Firewall Complete gives you all the features of Untangle NG Firewall Free, and adds some premium features that extend the functionality of this impressive network security firewall. Untangle network security firewalls continue to add new features and services year over year, and an Untangle NG Firewall Complete subscription gives you access to new features as they are released.

Untangle Web Filter – Untangle Complete adds an upgrade to the Untangle Web Filter Lite. Based on Zvelo technology, Untangle NG Firewall’s Web Filter adds safe search enforcement, 200 million categorized URL’s, more categories for granularity, and more.

Untangle HTTPS Inspector – Untangle NG Firewall Complete adds the ability to inspect HTTPS web traffic and control content with the Web Filter.

Untangle Directory Connector – Untangle Firewall Complete adds the Directory Connector, which allows you to connect your Untangle Firewall to active directory. The Directory Connector allows for greater user detail in reports, policies, and more.

Untangle Policy Manager – Untangle Complete brings the ability to create Policies based on users, groups, and active directory users and groups. Policy Manager allows you to create different policies for different users and groups.

Untangle Application Control – Untangle NG Firewall Complete delivers premium application and protocol level network controls with Application Control. The Application Control module allows for filtering of Skype, Bit Torrent, and much more.

Untangle Spam Blocker – Untangle Complete has upgraded the Spam Blocker Lite module with technology from Cyren. Spam Blocker adds cloud technology from Cyren which improves the efficacy of Spam Blocker and helps protect from zero day spam therats.

Untangle Virus Blocker – Untangle Firewall Complete adds an upgrade to the Virus Blocker Lite functionality. Utilizing cloud technology from Cyren, Untangle NG Firewall Virus Blocker is more efficient at stopping viruses at the gateway by using two anti-virus engines.

Untangle Bandwidth Control – Untangle NG Firewall Complete adds Bandwidth Control to the already impressive lineup. Untangle NG Firewall Bandwidth Control allows you to prioritize different types of traffic and allocate bandwidth to different services. Bandwidth Control also allows you to prioritize bandwidth for different users, and assign penalties to users who consume too much bandwidth.

Untangle Web Cache – Untangle Complete brings web caching proxy features to bandwidth starved networks. Web Cache allows for caching of web content, allowing networks with slow WAN links to save bandwidth and increase delivery speed to users.

Untangle WAN Balancer – Untangle Firewall Complete brings the ability to balance different WAN connections for speed and performance. Wan Balancer allows you to balance two or more WAN connections, giving your network and users higher internet speeds.

Untangle WAN Failover – Untangle NG Firewall Complete also adds WAN Failover to the product. WAN Failover brings high availability WAN features to the Untangle network security firewall, allowing the internet to remain available even if a WAN link fails.

Untangle IPSEC VPN – Untangle Firewall Complete adds another VPN to the network security firewall with IPSEC VPN. As the name suggests, IPSEC VPN adds IPSEC for point to point VPN between two or more sites, as well as L2TP VPN for mobile devices.

Untangle Live Support – Untangle Complete adds the cherry on top of the network security firewall Sunday by adding Live Support. Untangle NG Firewall Complete Live Support gives you access to Untangle live support to help with problems, setup, and any other issues you may have with the product.

Untangle NG Firewall Free Features

Untangle Spam Blocker Lite – Untangle Firewall Free features Spam blocker lite, which is based on the open source spam assassin project and provides basic spam blocking and quarantine ability.


height=45 Virus Blocker Lite – Untangle Firewall Free features Virus Blocker Lite, which is based on the open source ClamAV project. ClamAV was designed to protect mail servers and as a gateway anti-virus solution.


Untangle Phish Blocker – Untangle NG Firewall features a Phish Blocker, which scans email and URL’s for known phishing sites. Based on open source tech, Untangle’s phish blocker is slower to classify and block newer phishing URL’s.


UntangleAd Blocker – Untangle Firewall Free has an Ad Blocker module that is based on the popular open source app for Firefox and chrome. Ad Blocker filters out unwanted ads and pop-ups from websites and prevents them from displaying on your browser.


Untangle Intrusion Prevention – Untangle NG Firewall Free has an Intrusion Prevention module based on the popular open source IPS application Snort. Snort is very effective against thousands of intrusion methods and is the most popular software for IPS/IDS systems.


Untangle Application Control Lite – Untangle features a Protocol Control module in its free edition. Application Control is an application firewall that can be tuned to prevent or control applications and protocols on the network.


UntangleOpenVPN – Untangle Firewall Free uses OpenVPN, the most widely used open source VPN software in the world, to provide point to point VPN tunnels between networks as well as remote client VPN for laptops and smart phones.


Untangle Firewall – Untangle NG Firewall features a stateful NAT firewall that can be configured to secure the internal network from outside threats. The firewall in Untangle is graphical user interface driven and easy to use. Untangle’s firewall is based on IP Tables, the open source firewall project widely used in most UTM firewalls today.


Untangle Reports – Untangle NG Firewall Free features a reports module that generates detailed reports from all the modules. Reports in Untangle include web filter usage, application control logs, hardware statistics, and much more.


Untangle Captive Portal – Untangle firewall includes an Captive Portal module in its free firewall product. Captive portal can be used to authenticate users, display acceptable use policies, and much more. The Captive Portal is configurable in Untangle and can be branded with the paid branding manager module.

As you can see, Untangle gives you everything except the kitchen sink in the free version of their network security firewall.