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12 Device Untangle® NG Firewall Complete

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Older generation firewalls slow down with increased bandwidth. However as new and increasingly sophisticated cyber risks are revealed virtually daily, dynamic networks need protection from attacks, especially as the number of devices and apps on them keeps growing. An Untangle NG Firewall Complete software subscription attacks all these problems by providing a single modular platform that fits the evolving needs of small a business's network rather than bogging it down with multiple point solutions.

Ease of Use

Based on a hardened Linux operating system, NG Firewall Complete uses next generation technology that maintains maximum security while focusing on ease of use, starting with an easy-to-use, easy-to understand (even for novices) browser-based interface, GPL v2 pre-configured open source apps, and integrated reporting and logging capabilities for simple management.

Network Security Module Features

Web Filter, based on Zvelo technology provides a safe search environment by providing over 200 millions categorized URLS, making it easier for tech security administration to keep an eye on HTTPS traffic and control content.

Application Control allows filtering of Bit Torrent, Skype, and the like.

Spam Blocker Lite uses Cyren cloud technology to help combat day-to-day spam threats.

Virus Blocker Lite also uses Cyren technology to provide two anti-virus engines at the gateway to maintain virus vigilance.

WAN Failover allows the network security firewall to remain in place in the event of a WAN link failing.

Captive Portal includes capabilities such as user authentication and acceptable usage warnings.

Application Control can be used to control applications and protocols on the network or prevent them altogether.

Phish Blocker scans URLs and email for phishing sites

Administrative Oversight Features

NG Firewall Complete allows administrators to create policy based on individual users, groups, and active director users, and gives them the ability to formulate different policies for different users. Modules include

Directory Connector which allows administrators to connect Untangle Firewall to active directories, allowing for more detailed policies or reports.

Bandwidth Control allows admin to prioritize bandwidth traffic and allocate predetermined amounts to designated users or services. Penalties can then be enacted on those who exceed their limit.

Web Cache helps networks with sluggish WAN links to increase delivery speeds and save bandwidth by caching web content.

WAN Balancer enhances Internet speed and performance by balancing two or more WAN connections

12 Device Untangle NG Firewall Complete Subscription Benefits

  • Untangle NG Firewall Complete continues to add new services and functionalities and services year after year and allows subscribers access to new features as they become available.
  • With a subscription users have access to live support available to help with set-up, problems, or any issues that that may have.